Tyrannomyrmex rex lebend beobachtet

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Tyrannomyrmex rex lebend beobachtet

Beitragvon Merkur » Donnerstag 7. September 2017, 11:09

aus: AntWiki
Martin Pfeiffer, University of Ulm. - Courtesy of London, The Natural History Museum.

Deutschsprachiger Artikel:
http://www.nationalgeographic.de/tiere/ ... d-gefunden.

http://www.asian-myrmecology.org/public ... 009007.pdf
ASIAN MYRMECOLOGY Volume 9, e009007, 2017
ISSN 1985-1944 | eISSN: 2462-2362 © Mark K. L. Wong and Gordon W. J. Yong
Notes on the habitat and biology of the rare ant genus Tyrannomyrmex (Fernández, 2003)
Mark K. L. Wong and Gordon W. J. Yong

The myrmicine ant genus Tyrannomyrmex Fernández, 2003 comprises three species of tropical ants restricted to the Oriental region. The biology of these ants is thus far unknown, as records of all species are based on solitary workers extracted from leaf litter samples. Both Tyrannomyrmex dux Borowiec, 2007 and Tyrannomyrmex legatus Alpert, 2013 are known from single specimens collected in India and Sri Lanka respectively; while the type species Tyrannomyrmex rex Fernández, 2003 described from a solitary worker collected in Peninsular Malaysia, was recently recorded from a single worker in Singapore (Jacquemin et al. 2015). The genus was also recorded from Sabah, Borneo (Fisher et al. 2015).
The first known live colony of T. rex (and of the genus as a whole) was collected in Singapore in March 2016. Here we provide measurements for T. rex workers, describe their habitat, and discuss preliminary observations on their biology from rearing the ants in captivity for 10 days. Three video recordings (Electronic Supplementary Material) accompany our descriptions of the ants’ behaviour.

Keywords: Myrmicinae, Solenopsidini, Formicidae, Secondary forest, Singapore

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Re: Tyrannomyrmex rex lebend beobachtet

Beitragvon Emse » Donnerstag 30. November 2017, 20:19

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SPANIEN hat gerade ein Video dazu veröffentlicht.

Wer die selten gesehenen Ameisen gerne näher betrachten möchte:

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